How to Secure Petit Somme Neck Pillow

  1. While vehicle is stopped, remove Petit Somme from drawstring bag.

  2. Gently lift the child's head up and wrap Petit Somme Neck Pillow around the neck. Make sure the pillow is in the correct position and is not upside down, as shown in the pictures below (the two support systems should be under the chin and not on the shoulder).

  3. Gently pull the pillow forward until the two support systems are under the chin.

  4. Lastly, secure the magnets accordingly. 

  • NOTE: The firmness of the pillow's foam may vary depending on the temperature (i.e. the foam is firmer at cold temperatures and softens as the pillow warms up). Also when you first receive your pillow the foam will be slightly firm, which can keep the magnets from staying closed. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks of using the pillow, as well as regularly pulling on and stretching the pillow as shown on our Frequently Asked Questions page, for the pillow to become less firm and give a more custom fit for your child, which will then help keep the magnets secure. Just like any other memory foam, the pillow needs to be used consistently before achieving best results. Also, if your child is uncomfortable wearing the pillow while still awake, we recommend waiting until he or she falls asleep before securing the pillow.
Demo 4.png

Petit Somme is recommended for use in children as young as six (6) months old up to seven (7) years of age,
 as long as the child has a fully developed neck.  
Please follow state and federal car seat regulations for proper safety and car seat requirements. For more information on specific regulations please visit and/or