Petit Somme is not a safety product but a comfort pillow, and it is not intended to treat any illness nor do we claim that our product promises any medical solutions for babies or children.  

  • Do not use Petit Somme in any way that interferes with the correct use of the car seat, as directed by the car seat manufacturer.
  • Do not allow children to chew on the pillow, the pillow is not a toy.
  • Do not attempt to place Petit Somme Neck Pillow on your child while operating a vehicle, please pull over to a safe side of the road or a parking lot, and once it is safe gently secure the pillow on your child.
  • DO NOT use Petit Somme without the cover, as there are magnets inside the pillow on the foam, which may present a choking hazard.
  • Petit Somme Neck Pillow is only for use in situations where the child is sitting in an upright position. It is not intended for use in any situation where the child is laying down, due to a possible choking hazard.
  • If at anytime your child feels warm due to added heat from the pillow, take off the pillow as necessary.
  • Do not at any time attempt to use Petit Somme Neck Pillow in any way other than its intended purpose, e.g. as a flotation device, as a bed pillow, or as a toy. 
  • To clean your pillow, we recommend spot cleaning the pillow with a damp towel (or baby wipes). Only machine wash the pillow when absolutely necessary, using the gentle cycle with cold water, and dry using the lowest heat setting. 
  • Keep Petit Somme Neck Pillow out of direct sunlight, and away from extreme temperatures, as this may affect the memory foam.
  • Each pillow comes with a USA made 100% cotton (unbleached and chemical free) muslin drawstring pillow bag for your convenience.

Results may vary due to differences in age, build, and weight. We do not state nor promise perfect support. 
Due to gravity, there remains a small possibility that the child's head my still fall forward. 
Please monitor your child during use of this product.

Petit Somme is recommended for use in children as young as six (6) months old up to seven (7) years of age, as long as the child has a fully developed neck. Please follow state and federal car seat regulations for proper safety and car seat requirements.
For more information on specific regulations please visit and/or