Introducing Petit Somme Neck Pillow!
A new specialty pillow that keeps your child's head up while they sleep in their car seat... 
- For children 6 months up to 7 years of age -

The best children's car accessory you never knew you needed! 

In today's hectic busy world, your child sometimes spends more than half their day in the car with you! 

Petit Somme gives parents peace of mind by allowing children to be more comfortable while sleeping in the safety of their car seat. 


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Petit Somme Neck Pillow uses a new and innovative, patented design, invented by a mom for her own child, to help support the child's head, by using two support systems - around and under the chin - to hold the head properly in place. This allows for a restful sleep while sitting in a car seat, by helping to prevent dangling heads falling forward and flopping around while the car is in motion. What makes Petit Somme different than other head supports on the market is that our solution is found not by focusing on the child's head, but by focusing on the neck area, and letting the child's neck support the head more efficiently, in a more comfortable and natural position.

All Petit Somme Neck Pillows are hand-crafted using advanced foam cutting technology, while the hypoallergenic and breathable pillow covers are hand-sewn, resulting in a very high quality product that lasts for many years. All Petit Somme neck pillows are made and manufactured in the USA using Biogreen® memory foam. Biogreen® is an environmentally friendly memory foam material that is free of hazardous chemicals and dangerous levels of VOC's. Petit Somme Neck Pillow is the only children's head support pillow on the market that uses this exclusive type of memory foam.


Petit Somme allows children to sleep and sit upright in their car seat, while preventing slouching and cramped necks. 

Our ultra-soft pillow does not restrict or limit a child's natural movement, and therefore allows for a free range of motion. Petit Somme Neck Pillow does not at any point constrict the child's breathing, but actually helps facilitate breathing while sleeping, due to the improved posture in the car seat. 


Testimonials from healthcare professionals:

"The Petit Somme pillow finally gives parents a chance to ensure that their young child will be able to sleep soundly in their car seat, while retaining good alignment of their neck. The use of the Greenguard tested and unprecedentedly low V.O.C. Biogreen memory foam, along with the magnetic closure to gently hold the wrap around your child's neck, ensures that they will also be able to accomplish this in the most safe and comfortable manner possible. This product is far superior to other types of travel neck pillows for kids that do not have the support, or comfort of the Petit Somme pillow and I could not possibly give it a higher recommendation!"

- Chiropractic Doctor Rick Swartzburg, DC

"To say that I am critical of children's products is an understatement. I was shown everything down to the material, dimensions, and the function in order to properly evaluate the pillow, and I was beyond impressed. The fact that the pillow is NOT ATTACHED TO THE CAR SEAT is inspiring. We finally had the opportunity to test Petit Somme and all I can say is this: FABULOUS! I was able to easily slip on and secure the pillow right after Miss Ell fell asleep, and she stayed asleep for TWO HOURS. I had to pull over and check that she was still breathing as she did not move an inch in her seat (typically she tosses and turns). Bravo Petit Somme, you are on my momma must-have list!"

- Physician Assistant Stacy Z, PA-C