One Mother's Mission to Comfort a Screaming Baby in the Back Seat

Hello! My name is Shirin Pope, and I am on a mission to bring awareness to high quality, environmentally friendly children’s travel gear that is made in the USA. As a busy mom constantly on the move, I have always been concerned with my children’s comfort in the car, specifically in the car seat. Noticing my youngest child’s discomfort in the car seat, I did some research and discovered that there were no products available that functioned well in helping my children to sleep comfortably while fastened into their seats.  

I searched extensively for a good neck pillow, one which was free of harmful chemicals and odors, and made in the USA, that would solve the slouching and breathing dilemma that my children faced when sleeping in their car seats, but had no luck. I then invented Petit Somme Neck Pillow, made with chemical free and environmentally friendly Biogreen® memory foam, and have since been on the move to bring this functional, well designed, and patented neck pillow to other parents who face the same concerns and issues. Not only am I a mother of two, but I am also a consumer who wants children’s travel gear free of harmful chemicals and odors, as well as products that are proudly made in the USA. Petit Somme Neck Pillow is a thoughtful collaboration between myself, a chiropractor, and a pediatrics physician assistant trained in car seat safety, as well as an amazing group of parents and their children. Now with the help of both my husband and my brother, I am very happy and excited to bring Petit Somme Neck Pillow to you and your loved ones!

Parents, wishing all of you safe travels, and now with a little more sanity…




Founder & CEO

Shirin Pope is a native of the northern suburbs of Chicago. She is a graduate of North Shore Country Day School, and holds a B.A. from Lake Forest College, double majoring in Sociology & Anthropology, as well as Art History & Studio Art. With a passion for early childhood education, she also holds an International Montessori Teaching Diploma and is currently a preschool Montessori teacher. Shirin is also a proud veteran of the United States Air Force.